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During the financial crisis, when traditional economic realms tended to decelerate, new seeds of the industrial revolution were planted.

These seeds have blossomed expeditiously over the last 20 years and are now widely known as a technological, IT harvest.

The fruits of the IT revolution allowed millions of people across the world to find their passion and determination, predicated on countless opportunities offered by the new rules of the game.

Our company has been operational for 3 years, and we take great pride in what we do.


We are an ambitious team of professionals that adhere to our core values, which are:

• Responsibility

• Excellence

• Liberty

• Innovations

• Dynamics

• Perpetual learning

• Honesty


These values are the nucleus of our armor that allows us  to dare into the outside world. By joining our team you are destined to grow as a professional – since professionalism can never be taken for granted or fade  into oblivion. We invite you on a lifelong journey to develop an outstanding product, where you and your companions play a groundbreaking role. That’s what we’re here for.

Our hard-wired belief is that evolution occurs at the fast pace of life, therefore, in order not to degrade – we take every possibility and utilize it.

Here are our organization lifecycle took us to the point of noreturn:


    A Renaissance is here. We are strengthening all of our existing processes and building new foundations to facilitate rapid growth. The game is to be changed. 


      A year of hard work, bootstrapping and facing the reality of a competitive market serves as a wake-up call to modernize existing our processes. Tough times are lived through with bravery and by understanding this lesson.

      Stable growth

        Hiring new people gives tangible results, whereas custom development of our technological platform streamlines the work of all departments. The first steps as a team provide an outstanding experience. The culture is being formed.


          After an unsuccessful first experience with a web development agency, a workable website is finally released. The first orders and customers follow.  


            In the last month of 2013, the co-founders of the company formulate a constructive agenda of how, when and what has to be done in order to commence operations.

            Dexterity Business

            What We Do

            Dexterity Business

            The global market that we operate on allows us to think and dream big. Never in our lifetime have we felt more fortunate to do what we do and where we do it.

            What we do revolves around five main pillars:

            Product Development

            Our experience granted us a vision as well as knowledge needed to ideate, test, develop, market and manage the finest digital products and services. The DexDigital team can take on any challenge. We have tested the waters with toughest the competition and in the harshest environments.

            Since we are a full-fledged technological company with all processes in places – we are privileged and lucky to have the opportunity to build unique products. Nothing drives us more than knowing that people are using our solutions on a daily basis.

            Customer Service

            Having all the founding team members possess experience with building customer relationships allowed us to pass all our ideas and projects through this pillar.

            We are happy to have our customers; as well, as they are happy to be with us. That fundamental principle is perpetuated within our company culture.


            Being able to spread the word about your product is a must-have attribute of a successful IT-company. One of our main purposes revolves around that statement.

            Professionals at DexDigital have a proven record of driving users to discover, purchase and share our products. Having a share in globally-acclaimed markets requires having the grit of a true digital marketing prodigy.


            Our primary focus has always been and remains on consultation services. Rightfully so, assisting people with their painful needs cannot be overrated.

            Climbing the mountain of establishing an educational service business on your own is not an easy endeavor, hence a good helping hand can come to the rescue at the most desperate of times. We work with a number of contractors both in business and education as well as assist our customers ourselves. In the end, we help people shape their destiny and impact their lives in a big way.


            We love creating and distributing helpful content around the web. We truly believe that helping people with information is the simplest contribution we can give on our way to making this world a better place.

            That motto is deeply integrated into the everyday life of each of the departments within DexDigital.

            Our Pride

            Countries covered
            Freelancers employed
            Valued clients
            Join us

            We are hiring

            Join us

            Brilliant people want to work alongside other brilliant people. Within our organization, we lay a foundation for the best minds to grow and evolve by accomplishing fascinating projects.

            Our company puts great value in honesty, integrity, and willingness to learn new things day-in and day-out.

            Experts are always wanted! We are an open-minded yet professional orgnization hunting for professionals (or talents) in the areas listed below:

            In Design

            Photoshop,Illustrator or Sketch Skills
            HTML / CSS / JavaScript and Ajax
            UI/UX, SEO basics

            in Seo

            Proven White Hat SEO expertise
            Strong Analytical and Logics Skills
            Excellent verbal and written English

            In Support Team

            Efficient chat, phone communication skills
            Superior interpersonal traits
            Discipline, desire to grow, outstanding English

            If you know you are good enough (hands down!) in one of the spheres above- don’t lose precious time and apply now!

            Open vacancies


            Open vacancies

            These are the vacancies we have openings for at the moment. Whatever competencies you possess – there might be something suitable precisely for you in our tenacious team.

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            We are A Ukrainian based company with headquarter based in Kiev.